We provide online solutions for social media sites, peer-to-peer platforms and group buying marketplaces with third-party platform programming.

E-commerce integration

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Successfully sell the product online

E-commerce Integration. Content Management Systems (CMS, WCM, CEM, WEM) These applications are the key to the amazing customer experience.

Website Designs

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Stand out with website design

We offer a scale of website design solution so no matter what you want out of your website, you are bound to find a website design solution here to fit your needs.

Payment gateway integration

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Booming Online Payment

A payment gateway serves a channel between an eCommerce website and the bank that processes a customer’s credit card payment. It can also process debit card and eCheck (ACH) payments. The main function of the payment gateway is to securely transmit the consumer’s confidential credit/debit card and bank account data to the issuing bank and get a reply from it about whether the transaction is accepted or declined.